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This blog showcases my evolving skills from the intricacies of video production to the art of copywriting, graphic design, and the crucial world of safeguarding.


Join me in exploring the diverse realms of creativity, communication, and responsibility as I unveil the lessons learned and accomplishments achieved throughout my apprenticeship. Whether you're a fellow learner or someone curious about these fields, come along and discover the stories behind the craft.

Graphic Design

This detailed report examines how colour and design are closely connected, explaining the rules that influence the visual attractiveness of printed materials.


Take a look at my research on the fundamental concepts of colour theory and the different advanced printing methods.

colour theory
brand guidelines project

Graphic Design

Brand guidelines, also known as style guides or brand books, are essential for any company or organisation that wants to maintain consistency and a strong brand identity across all its communications and marketing materials.


For this task, I was required to create a mock-up set of brand guidelines for a business.


In learning more about SEO, I wanted to write up a list of helpful tips on how to utilise SEO components and produce an SEO friendly website.


In the domineering era of digital content, I wanted to research the benefits of AI and it's use within a marketing strategy. Delve into this report on it and how content creators use it.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

In the modern world, equality, diversity and inclusion are the integral elements of an inclusive workforce. The North West Ambulance Service pride itself on employing a wide array of different people from all demographics, and this is a cause close to my heart. In my research into diversity in the workplace, I have created this presentation.


The company I work for produce marketing campaigns that are seasonal, topical and evergreen. When studying marketing in my workshop, I was tasked with creating a 3-month marketing plan and sharing it with my team. They provided excellent feedback and we had an energetic discussion.

Web design

Proper taxonomy is a crucial aspect of SEO that can significantly improve a website's content organisation and categorisation. Doing so enhances website visibility and user experience, two vital components of a successful online presence. 

Graphic design

We uphold rigorous standards in our production process, steadfastly refusing to compromise on quality. This commitment holds particularly true for the superior materials we introduce. In the course of my exploration into graphic design, I have crafted a comprehensive piece focusing on the elements and principles of this creative discipline.


Photography is a key segment within all of our campaigns. It allows us to visually showcase our staff, volunteers and the work we do. I have grown an enormous love of photography and this piece of work looks at the difference between fine art and contemporary photography.

Video editing

We have strict rules we must adhere to not only in video editing but all other pieces of work. We must ensure our videos are compliant and this piece of work allowed me to research and look into the different laws and regulations.

Web graphics (19).png


A fundamental aspect of copywriting, both linear and non-linear approaches empower the writer to edit various sections independently rather than adhering strictly to a chronological order.

Marketing orientations

This particular assignment constituted a collaborative effort assigned to me and my fellow apprentices. Our task involved conducting thorough research to identify and explore various marketing orientations. The objective was to delve into the diverse approaches and philosophies that underpin marketing strategies, thereby gaining a comprehensive understanding of the different orientations employed in the field.

Web graphics (29).png

Graphic design

In my capacity as an apprentice, I frequently engage with diverse file formats across a spectrum of subjects, including photography, film production and editing, graphic design, copywriting, and numerous others. At the commencement of my learning journey, I undertook a research presentation to delve deeper into the myriad formats utilized in these fields, aiming to broaden my understanding and proficiency.

Marketing orientations

In my role as an apprentice, I routinely encounter various facets of information architecture across a diverse range of subjects. From website development and database management to user experience design and content organisation, information architecture plays a pivotal role in numerous disciplines. To enhance my comprehension and skills in this area, I initiated a research presentation at the outset of my learning journey.

Web graphics (30).png

Graphic design

As an apprentice, I consistently immerse myself in a diverse array of subjects, ranging from data visualization and design principles to content presentation. A notable milestone in my learning journey was the completion of a significant project: the development of an infographic. Creating this infographic not only served as a valuable opportunity to refine my abilities but also allowed me to make a meaningful attempt at designing an infographic amongst my other apprentices.

Laws & Regulations

In our realm of work, stringent regulations guide not just video editing but every facet of our creative output. Ensuring compliance is paramount, and a specific project provided me with the opportunity to delve into the intricate realm of copyright law. This undertaking enabled me to thoroughly examine and understand the diverse laws and regulations governing intellectual property, ensuring that our creations align with legal standards and ethical considerations.

Graphic Design

I delved into an extensive research endeavour focused on identifying and analysing the prevailing graphic design trends in 2023. This involved meticulously exploring emerging styles, colour palettes, and design elements encapsulating the contemporary visual landscape. I dedicated significant time to studying industry reports, scrutinising design forums, and engaging with the works of influential designers. 

Graphic design

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.

Content production

We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to the first-rate materials we use. Our customers deserve the highest level of products on the market, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards.


As a student, Gingnernut Training has motivated me to undergo training and pursue studies across a diverse range of safeguarding topics. This commitment aims not only to ensure the protection of learners and enhance awareness of potential risks but also to broaden my understanding and knowledge. Ultimately, it equips me with the skills to safeguard those in my immediate circle more effectively. Please see my prevent training presentation.

Web design

What makes a good user experience? Why is user experience important to websites? For this presentation, I research website user experience and how it impacts on web design overall.


Benchmarking, a crucial component in any marketing strategy is something I never heard of before starting my apprenticeship. Read this report with me where I explain what it is, why it is needed and its importance. 

Web graphics (9).png
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