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Embark on a retrospective journey through my apprenticeship, where I delve into the various projects I've completed. This page is a testament to the growth, insights, and expertise I've acquired during this transformative period.

Explore with me as I navigate the intricacies of video production, delve into the nuances of copywriting, showcase my skills in graphic design, and navigate the critical world of accessibility. Each project undertaken serves as a milestone in my professional development, highlighting the breadth of my capabilities.

Join me in unveiling the stories behind the completed projects as I share the valuable lessons learned and the significant accomplishments achieved throughout my apprenticeship. Whether you're a fellow learner on a similar path or simply curious about these creative fields, come along and discover the compelling narratives woven into the fabric of each completed endeavour.

Note: All the documents below are available in other accessible formats upon request. Please email to request them. Many thanks!

flower cartoon graphic

Stock photography


Three peaks presentation poster.png

Three Peaks poster design

Graphic design

STAR Awards filming and facilitating.gif

STAR Awards Filming and Facilitating

Networking and filming

YouTube analysis, audit and competitor analysis.jpg

YouTube analysis & audit report

Video content management

First Aid Video Series (2).gif

First Aid Video Series

Filming and video editing

AGM project report - video editing.png

Editing the AGM film

Video editing

Yvette Brown article Project Report.png

A Mother's Love and Dedication - Article


King's Coronation Project Report.jpg

King's Coronation Project

Graphic design

IPC Brand Refresh Task.png

IPC Task

Graphic Design

Long Service Awards Video and Booklet Design.png

Long Service Award Videos and booklet creation

Graphic design and networking

Copy presentation.png

Social media copy

Social media and copywriting

Designing with accessibility in mind.png

Designing with accessibility in mind


Application At Work By Beth Bretherton.jpg

Company branding & my role at NWAS


rubber graphic
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